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For your convenience, I’ve added a section on Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any you’d like me to answer, please ask!


1. Where is Delft?

In province of South Holland, about 60 km away from Amsterdam. 1 hour by train. 


2.What is Delft like?

Delft is a beautiful quiet town of 100,000 people with canal-lined streets and buildings that are hundreds of years old. It is a college town (Delft University of Technology) so it is largely students… more specifically, largely male, socially awkward engineers. 🙂 

Shops and restaurants along the canals in the city center


3. Do you have an apartment?

Yes,  thanks to the help of another Californian living here. And a handful of generous friends/acquaintances have started furnishing it for me. I look like a second hand shop, it’s pretty great!

4. Do you like to receive mail, care packages, particularly with homemade cookies or marinara sauce?

Is the Pope Catholic?



5. Do you have an address where we can send said packages?

Yes. To prevent stalkers, I’m going to keep it private, but send me an email and I’ll give it to you. 


6. Will you be taking Dutch classes?

Yes, but not until October because they are currently “Full”.  I did start taking classes last year in Berkeley from a great woman named, Els.  So I’m off to a good start. Everyone speaks English anyway, so I’m lucky if I can make it 3 questions into a food order before they switch to English.


7. Do you have a favorite Dutch word?

Yes.  The Dutch word for the jib (a small sail on a sailboat) is called, the “fokke.” I assume there is no explanation needed.


8. What will you be doing over there?  

-Working part time at Deft Technical University: I proposed a project for the Fulbright Fellowship and this is partly where my focus will be–Flood Risk in California and the Netherlands. There is also a lot of really great work and new research being done with respect to flood risk in other less developed countries and this is a place I’d like to get involved. Follow my research, work, and water-related-ramblings here.

-riding my bike

-wearing a rain coat

-eating “mature” cheese (define that as you will), fries with mayo, and stroopwafels


Dear reader: I just noticed that wordpress automatically adds links to my post.  I did not underline, “Is the pope catholic” but given that WordPress thinks I ought to have a link, I had to oblige.

More later…

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