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29 Nederlandse Dagen

29 Days of Dutch

The month of February can be quite cold, long, and grueling in these higher latitudes.  I don’t know the entire story behind it, but a friend from New York and a number of his friends decided to do “Fun-a-Day”... as in, they will each do one fun thing each day of February, to help them make it through the month.

This month is particularly long, 29 full days.

At the end of 29 days, there will be a party (and I will join remotely) to share what everyone did.

The idea is not like a New Years’ resolution like to try to quit smoking, join a gym, or eat healthier once each day for 29 days. That’s not fun. The point is to do something fun and different once each day for 29 days.  As he sends me more examples, I’ll pass them on. But David, for one example, who is an urban farmer and hasn’t worked in an office in years, is wearing one tie (different) each day for a month, even when he’s working on the farm. A friend of his decided to make a different soup each day and invite friends over to try it.

So… of me?
I have decided to enter what I call 29 Days of Dutch.

Each day this month, I will take a picture of one uniquely Dutch thing, I will learn the word for it in Dutch, and I will hopefully be able to convey to you what makes it Dutch.

Some Dutch people following this may not find it at all interesting– but you may at least notice what it is that I think makes something different.

So…assuming I can set this blog up properly…  enjoy!


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