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Day 9: “Whatever” Frauenparkplatz!

February 18, 2012

Let op! As I’m catching up, Day 9 incorporates numerous translations: German, English, sign language, and female-Speak.

Day 9 of 29-days-of-Dutch:

Is kind of cheating as it’s actually from Germany, where I passed through last Wednesday.  Arguably though, I suppose I’m not so much cheating because the Netherlands are basically Germany–

Proof? All I have to do is change some letters to make this  29-days-of-Deutsche

(Something tells me this won’t help my “inburgering” any as probably now my Dutch friends will revoke my visa and put me on the first plane back to the US.)

my residence card!

Back to point:

Day 9 of 29-Days-of-Deutsche is Frauenparkplatz.”

Frau” is German for “woman” and “Park Platz”  means “Parking Place“.

Yes, “Frauenparkplatz”  indeed is a separate parking spot for a woman.

Having been called one of the best parallel parkers they have ever seen (by many many male friends), I take personal offense to this.

Their sign reads, "Nur fur frauen". Can you read my sign?

Germans claim that female parking places are often closer to the door (good for pregnant women), or better lit (safer), but what you really notice is that female parking places are larger and offer more room for the expected stereotypically terrible-woman-driver who can’t park to save her life. In Munich 2 years ago, I even saw a mini cooper parked on the ceiling at a dealership with a big sign reading, “Frauenparkplatz” at the entrance. Can’t find the photo.

What makes it Deutsche?

Well to be honest, I haven’t spent enough time in Germany to fairly judge or dislike them, so I just have to use sign language instead (a picture paints 1000 words above). However, I am able to use one simple word. Yesterday, I just learned from an Italian friend that when a guy says, “whatever,”  it translates to, “I don’t care, either is okay.”  
When a woman says “whatever,”  it translates to, (putting it mildly since this is public) “screw you” 

So in my most big-girl response:

I’ll let Cee-lo sing it best:

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  1. March 5, 2012 18:34

    Came across your blog while doing some searching for a post I’m writing which mentions these spots as well lol. I don’t take offense to them although I don’t plan to ever use one. It’s really not so different from “expectant mother” parking I’ve seen in America, except the Germans open up the option for women with children to park there as well. I read somewhere (and it makes sense to me) that the spots are actually wider to make it easier to get in and out of the car if you’re pregnant, or to put your children in the car. I’d rather look at it that way than think that they’re trying to be insulting.

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