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Day 7: Ik hou van je, bezorger!

February 10, 2012

Day 7 of 29 Days of Dutch is an ode to my loved ones: the Bromfietsten and those brave men who tame them (… to be named later).

This is a bromfiets.  (pronounced : broam- feets)


We (native English speakers) might recognize this bromfiets  as a moped or a scooter. You find them all over Holland and they are often used to deliver fast food. Yes I love them, but no I’ve never ridden them. (Well except one time in Brasil, but that was sketchy so I try to forget it.)


What makes them Dutch? 

So clearly the Dutch aren’t the only ones riding mopeds ( The Italians got that one down (Ciao!).)…The Dutch are also not the only ones delivering fast food.

But In the US, we deliver fast food in awesome trucks or 1988 Berettas. Some kid knocks on your door, you smell pot on him, give him $20bucks and he leaves.

typical American fast food delivery vehicle

Unless you’re from Portland and then you probably had some organic pumpkin soup delivered to you by a fair-trade-free-range-bike-courier wearing capri-pants.


However Holland turns the art of fast-food-delivery into what feels like a search-and-destroy mission.  In the Netherlands, they’re not allowed to guns– yet they have a secret weapon indeed (and I am fascinated by it!0, and here he is folks

(Image credit

Voila… the  Bezorgers!

Your generic Dutch fast-food delivery guy. (no, I don’t know this guy– a friend sent me the picture).


 Who IS HE?  These guys are around 18/19 years old–they are everywhere, and they drive like bats out of hell. You could be enjoying a quiet night strolling by the canals in a medieval city when out of nowhere, you’ll be forced to jump aside so this guy can pass you (even if there is plenty more room in the street).  I don’t know if its because he’s following 1988 Dominos Pizza model  (remember, 30 minutes or your pizza is free?) or if he is working on commission… or if he is just (beware: gender bias) an 18-year old boy with his first sense of power.

When Aruna came to visit, we saw the SAME guy going around multiple corners (I kid you not) with different boxes of food 4 times within 15 minutes. It was unreal– yet some how incredibly funny and awesome every time.

We almost died–4 times.

ready to go! Bestill my heart.

This picture I did take yesterday, in the kebab shop.  Notice how ready and prepped the bezorger is– the bromfiets is lined up with the doorway to go straight out without missing a beat.

Why am I in love with them? I can’t explain my fascination with them, those bezorgers– they’re so dangerous, so annoying, but also unpredictable. Or maybe I have to love them in order not to hate them. It’s like a Pierce Brosnon James Bond film. Clearly Daniel Craig and Sean Connery are the true bonds. Lets face it.  Sometimes you just can’t explain chemistry.

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  1. Josh permalink
    February 11, 2012 16:05

    Are you making fun of manpri’s?!

  2. Aruna permalink
    February 12, 2012 02:14

    You just had me laughing so hard! It’s all true! Four orders in 15 minutes!

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