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Day 6: De Fietsenstalling

February 8, 2012

Here is a Fietsenstalling. Happy Belated Day-6 of the 29 Days of Dutch.  I’m catching up, don’t worry.

Underground Fietsenstalling in Amsterdam

Even though it should be obvious I’ll do the translation:

fietsen: bicycles

stalling:stalls/places to leave things

fietsenstalling: Bicycle Parking!

And one in Amsterdam, just sent by my friend Alex! (Thanks, I didn’t have the pic of that one!)

Parking "structures" (mid-west!) in Amsterdam... just for bikes. Photo Credit: Alex Roos

What makes it Dutch?

Sure, we have a few bike racks from time to time at some buildings.  And we even get a LEED certification point or two for having EXTRA bike racks. (Pat self on back).

BUT: incase you missed a memo, the Dutch do everything on bicycles.  Pick up kids, carry heavy instruments, paint, go to the IKEA, deliver fast food (on a dangerous out-of-control-brom-fiets mind you)… Everyone rides the bike: business-men in suits, women in skirts (I’m proud that I too mastered this!), carpenters carrying a bunch of tools, young Dutch couples on dates holding hands from bicycle to bicycle…

There is no decrease in the amount of people riding (and parking) bikes despite the rain, snow, sleet, or hail.  And there are no fewer riding bikes despite the fact that (I’m pretty sure this is a rule in the Netherlands), the wind ALWAYS blow in your face.

In fact, the only thing that decreases the amount of Dutch people on bicycles is when the Germans steal them all to either A) melt the bikes down and turn them into tanks; or B) Get the hell out of Holland after liberation. (sorry, is that crass? I’ve been here too long it seems…)

With all these people on bikes, one must have adequate bike- parking.

Fietsenstalling behind the Delft Train Station (they're also building new ones to make room for more!)

We have bike parkings in the U.S. too… but not like here. I have only EVER seen our bike parking lots crowded in the U.S. when you’re at a music festival.

BEWARE: Just like drivers, cyclists are NOT exempt from parking like assholes. One month ago, it took me 10 minutes standing outside in the pouring rain with two arms full of groceries just trying to untangle my bike from the mess where some person had locked their bike on top of mine with a cable lock  and disappeared into the grocery store. I had to strategically pull bikes apart and lift mine out, all while not falling in the canal. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this.

Here are a few of my favorites photos anyhow. Eat your heart out Portland, San Francisco, New York!

Bike parking in front of Delft Station. (They’r remodeling this now).


Delft. Be careful not to confuse it with the NO-Parking area

More bikes in Amsterdam

A nice place for a bike in Delft.

Classic bike-on-canal pic (Delft)

And my personal favorite.

Delft (also at the train station).

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  1. Jan permalink
    February 9, 2012 12:27

    All this bike riding must make for some bad hair days, esp. in the rain. 🙂

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