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Day 3: Storingen

February 3, 2012

Day 3 of the 29 Days of Dutch is interactive and begins with the word, storingen.

*Or, as many Dutch people would prefer to say, k*$storingen. 🙂


Masses making unintended transfers at the Eindhoven train station today on my way back from Maastricht, thanks to STORINGEN


Oh look, today it’s multiple choice! Alright, make your best guess

Storingen  means:

A) A garage unit where you can keep your extra furniture

B) interference–expect a few minutes delay on the train

C) train conductor overslept, we’re waiting for him and will be here soon

D) someone threw themselves in front of the train again, this one’s going to be messy–expect 2 hours delay

E) It’s snowing. Trains cannot possibly operate in the snow, this is unheard of.  Expect major delays, take 2 additional trains and a bus to get to the next major station, and instead of connecting to your final destination, consider sleeping in Utrecht Centraal on the platform since we’ll probably cancel all trains until the morning.


*HINT: only one of the above is incorrect


What makes storingen so Dutch?

So, clearly you can have disruptions on American train tracks, German train tracks, Swiss, etc.

But here it seems to happen all the time. And all Nederlanders complain about it (as I am doing now). If you were in the US, it would actually just be a mess at the airport so we don’t absolve them of their complaining. But because we don’t’ take trains anymore, having ripped up all of our  tracks years and years ago, Americans are removed from this comparison.


If it were German or Swiss, they’d somehow figure out how to get the trains working again–rapidly.

Despite that Dutch weather service can predict even 10 minute windows of dryness during a rainy day (at which point all Dutch people run to Albert Heijn for groceries), the trains, it seems, cannot manage to predict a day with some POSSIBLE snow, nor can they function when it arrives.  You’d think they country JUST moved to 55 degrees north latitude.  But as it turns out, they’ve been here quite a while.


Storingen   happens quite often and can be… well disruptive to say the least.

You CAN plan and prepare for storingen on the trains (and they advise you of this), however, by typing in this website

Following with excellent Dutch customer service, you might be lucky enough to receive this message when you make your inquiry on the above website.


“Translation: UNFORTUNATELY, at this moment the website, NS.NL is not available. We ask you to come back later.” 

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  1. February 4, 2012 13:02

    Our dear NS…

    I cannot understand why they cannot learn from past years. History is repeating year after year. Hopefully this time there were no problems during Christmas, but it’s annoying. Especially that the website also went down. Hilarious. I had a friend that was always complaining about them. He even made some “NS=kanker” stickers to hang everywhere…

    BTW, nice blog! 🙂

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